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  • Honda Marine BFP8DK3XHS 8 HP Outboard Motor
  • Internal Fuel Tank
  • 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller
  • Owner's Manual and Tool Kit
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Power Output 50kW
Type Synchronous
Rotor Insulation Class F
Stator Insulation Class H
Telephone Interference Factor (TIF) Less than 50
Alternator Output Leads 1-Phase 3 wire
Alternator Output Leads 3-Phase 6 wire
Bearings Single Sealed Cartridge
Coupling Direct, Flexible Disc
Excitation System Direct
Voltage Regulation
Type Electronic
Sensing Single Phase
Regulation ± 1%
Features Adjustable Voltage and Gain
Governor Specifications
Type Electronic Isochronous
Steady State Regulation ± 0.25%
Electrical System
Battery Charge Alternator 70 Amp
Static Battery Charger 2 Amp
Recommended Battery Group 27F, 700 CCA
System Voltage 12 Volts
Engine Specifications
Model In-line
Cylinders 4
Displacement (Liters) 3.4
Bore (in/mm) 3.86/98
Stroke (in/mm) 4.45/113
Compression Ratio 18.5:1
Intake Air System Turbocharged/Aftercooled
Cylinder Head Type Cast Iron OHV
Piston Type Aluminum
EPA Emissions Compliance Emergency Stationary
Engine Lubrication System
Oil Pump Type Gear
Oil Filter Type Full flow spin-on cartridge
Crankcase Capacity (qt/l) 7.4/7
Engine Cooling System
Type Closed recovery
Water Pump Pre-lubed, self-seating
Fan Speed (rpm) 2029
Fan Diameter (in/mm) 22/559
Fan Mode Pusher
Fuel System
Fuel Type Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
Fuel Pump Type Mechanical Engine Driven Gear
Injector Type Mechanical
Fuel Supply Line (mm/in) 7.94/0.31 (ID)
Fuel Return Line (mm/in) 7.94/0.31(ID)
Fuel Specification ASTM
Fuel Filtering (microns) 10
Tank Specifications
Total Size (gallons/liters) 62/234.7
Usable Size (gallons/liters) 57/215.8
Run Time @ 1/2 Load (hrs) 25

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